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Author Topic: Lipo battery care  (Read 2232 times)
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« on: June 07, 2015, 05:39:26 AM »

G'day All,
 So Lithium battery's and getting the most from them...
After having had a few packs retire from service earlier than expected, i started looking a lil deeper into the dark art of "Electric Power and lithium cells" Undecided
 Watt did i find you ask...well, lots of stuff really.....but to cut a long story short.....first and foremost..if your venturing down this path....get a quality charger first up, spend the dollar$ up front and be set for life Wink
 It took me a while but spending $$$ on a ducks nuts charger is far cheaper in the long run than killing your batts!!!
 There's lots of jibber n jabber about this n that to do with...but ultimately don't over charge or over discharge your packs!!!!!!
 Lipo's are extremely sensitive lil suckers!!..there's facts n figures everywhere but hey...i subscribe to the KISS theory..keep it simple, stupid
 Bottom more than 4.2V per cell an no less than 3.7v...anything above or below will have major effects on the life of your packs!! 
for those interested here's a link to some interesting reading
and another to a lil cheat for safe guarding those precious packs
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